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Artist's Statement

    Art connects me with the life-force in all things. I draw faces and I see and feel spirit. Landscape, too, vibrates with life. The rhythms of land and sky, the forms of living things, the colours and the light, draw my eye to the loveliness of the passing moment.

      As a country dweller, I am grateful for our daily attunement with weather, with plants and animals, with the seasons, and the interconnectedness of it all. An ever-changing, beautiful and luminous presence reveals itself whenever I look deeply. I hope to express that quality in my work.   
     I work in both black and white and in colour. Black and white expresses essential form and I love its simplicity and beauty. For that I'll use conte pencil. When I work in colour, I use soft pastel, as I love the way the colour builds in layers upon the sanded paper, and the way the texture holds light.

     I do portraits of people and of animals, as well as landscapes. I do commissions from photographs.  There are original paintings available for sale. To inquire about any of the paintings on my site or to request a commission, please click the CONTACT link at the top of the page and leave your e-mail, as well as the reason for your inquiry. 
Many Thanks, Sue   

Besides Sue's passion for Art, Sue has a passion for gardening. This is her lovely garden, vegetables interspersed with flowers. To her, her garden is another painting.